Working in Food and Grocery can be challenging sometimes. Ok, a lot of the time!

 And never has it been more challenging than now – the effects of Brexit, Covid, supply issues and inflation make it more than “challenging”, they make it downright hard.

I work with individuals and teams across the Food industry and the running theme that I hear at the moment is a massive feeling of “when will this relentlessness end?”.

 Everyone is weary, teams are becoming disengaged, and the constant pressure is leaving them frazzled.

I run workshops to help teams build their unique “resilience toolkit” because it’s needed now more than ever. I also help them with the softer (but essential) communication skills they need to get the job done.

But here’s the thing, some of the funding is drying up, there’s spend holds on training and it’s really disheartening.

Recruitment in the industry is tough right now. Why would new grads (or anyone) choose an industry notorious for long hours, lack of flexibility and now not supporting their teams?

 I had a bit of a rant about it on social media last week and have received a lot of messages of support…

So, not one to rant and not come up with some solutions (solution seeking is one of the 4 pillars in my resilience workshops!)… what I’ve done, along with @oh for foods sake podcast Co-host Lucy Wager, is pull is a series of affordable masterclasses, so that everyone has access, whether their business is funding it or not.

We are covering a number of subjects to help you thrive, not just survive your career in food, across 4 masterclasses. Here are the 4 things we have identified that can help you and your teams right now:-

 1.      Work out what you want

Sometimes, your career and life just happen to you. You find yourself in a role (and I am talking work and home life her) that you haven’t exactly chosen. It can end up making you feel a bit, well, lost. In this first session, we will help you find the tools to get clear on what you want from your career. Whether you’re starting out or have hit a stumbling block in your career that has made you question where you’re headed, we will help you find greater direction and purpose. Here’s a podcast episode where we talked about finding purpose

2.      Be more influential at work

Building your credibility and influence at work is super important. We all know that’s it’s not always the best people or those that work the hardest that get the juicy projects or the promotions. It’s often the people that have the greater influence. We will share with you how we have learnt to be more influential and give you some tips to do that yourself. I am so passionate about this one, that I am going to launch a full course on this. If you would like to be on the waiting list and the first to hear about it, here is the link

3.      Building your network

Building your support network at work is key to success in your career. Whether that is to help you through the tough days or knowing the right people to connect with to enhance your career prospects. We know networking can be scary and we are here to help you find alternative (read: less scary) ways to build you network, to build your career.

4.      Managing your overwhelm

The Food industry is a fabulous place to work but it’s bloody hard work sometimes (all the time!) and we can literally work til midnight and never get it all done. In this masterclass, we will share our tips for managing overwhelm and how to stop yourself overworking and running yourself into the ground.

I have also created a free download of 4 thing you need to do to thrive in the food industry which can get you started straight away.

It’s tough right now. I know many businesses are still supporting their teams (so excuse me if my rant doesn’t apply to yours), but we are here to help you to support yourself through these tough times regardless.

I also provide coaching 1:1  on all of this stuff but in these tough financial times, this is our way of giving you the help you need at a more affordable price.

If you want to find out more and sign up, you can do so following this link: sign up here

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