Amy Wilkinson

Food industry coach & consultant

On a mission to help women and teams in the food industry to be more confident and resilient so that they can be more assertive and get the recognition they deserve without frazzling themselves

You can have a successful career in the food industry without burning out

  • Increase self confidence

  • Be more resilient

  • Get recognition at work

  • Feel fulfilled in your career

  • Be more assertive

  • Get your voice heard

  • Be influential

  • Reclaim time and balance

  • Prioritise wellbeing

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Corporate & Group

Keynote speaker & Workshops

Coaching, speaking & workshops tailored THROUGH the lens of food industry realities

Hi, I’m Amy

My vision is “to make the Food industry a happier place to work”


23 years professional experience in food manufacturing across NPD, commercial and marketing roles and personal experience of mental burnout.

The physical and mental burnout I suffered over a decade ago was due to lack of confidence, inability to push back and assert myself – and i see it happening to so many other women.

Returning to my career, I had success with new found boundaries. I’ve been there, done that and cried over food in a pot. This means you don’t have to explain, I just get it!

I get what it’s like to wake up at 3am worrying about critical paths, feasibility meetings and delayed launches.

I also know what it’s like to have fought WW3 with a child before you even get to the office. I know how that can knock your confidence and make you feel like you’re doing a crap job of everything.

Also, I’m an EMCC accredited coach and accredited mental health first aider. All of this experience combined means I can help you and your team, without you having to spend hours explaining to me how the Food industry works. I tailor all my coaching programmes and training with this in mind.



“Amy has the ability to bring a room to life with her presentation and facilitation skills. She is great at getting groups to think differently and come up with new ideas.

Her breadth of experience means that she is able to facilitate cross functional teams to work better together and she does so with a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Amy has a naturally empathetic and compassionate style but with an energy and enthusiasm that delivers lasting change and business results.”

Ross Dennison

Customer Director, Bakkavor

“Amy is friendly but assertive and was able to push all the right buttons and make me answer difficult questions and her gentle yet persuasive and accountable style suited me.

There were things I didn’t want to do, but in a gentle and determined way she made me do them and I feel much better for doing them.

I like friendly but assertive and also like that they see me as someone not afraid to speak my mind and have the difficult conversations.”

1:1 Private Client

Linkedin recommendation

“As a facilitator, Amy has an enviable style that brings real energy and enthusiasm to the room, coaxing out peoples creativity

…When we kick off idea generation sessions, we’re often overloaded with content and insights, and amongst this chaos, Amy is able to coach individuals and groups of people to find a way to leave the room with a crystal clear plan underpinned with a compelling rationale.”


Head of Development, Food industry

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