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“Amy will help you to clarify your thoughts by picking through the nitty gritty and get you to work your way to a conclusion using a range of techniques and a careful listening ear to help you to summarise your problems.

I found the process challenging but in a good way and it’s helped me to be less anxious and take control of my career again.

It’s helped me to clear my head and move forward with a stronger, more positive outlook “


Marketing Manager, Grocery industry

“Amy is an exceptionally skilled coach who will support you to address the areas you want to work on, her coaching style is enabling and empowering.

Amy creates a safe space where you can be yourself, really open up without any judgement and with the assurance that you are in safe hands.

 Amy really does support you to be the best version of yourself.”


Contracts Operations Director

Amy has the ability to bring a room to life with her presentation and facilitation skills. She is great at getting groups to think differently and come up with new ideas.

Her breadth of experience means that she is able to facilitate cross functional teams to work better together and she does so with a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Amy has a naturally empathetic and compassionate style but with an energy and enthusiasm that delivers lasting change and business results.


Customer Director, Food industry

“As a facilitator, Amy has an enviable style that brings real energy and enthusiasm to the room, coaxing out peoples creativity

 …When we kick off idea generation sessions, we’re often overloaded with content and insights, and amongst this chaos, Amy is able to coach individuals and groups of people to find a way to leave the room with a crystal clear plan underpinned with a compelling rationale.” 


Head of Development, Food industry

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Oh For Food’s Sake unravels the challenges faced when working in the food industry whether you are in an employed role or a business owner. We are your hosts, Amy Wilkinson and Lucy Wager and offer you a new discussion drawn from our own experiences in the industry from stress, burnout and resilience to working with retailers, setting up on your own and much more. There are guest interviews from our food industry network to explore these challenges further giving you a comprehensive offering of stories, tips and advice through this rewarding industry.

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